what do i have to say for today….

i’m drunk…happy cinco to fucking mayo!!!!!

I want to thank them for always being there for me because when it comes down to it, family will ALWAYS be there. Wouldn’t know where I’d be without them❤❤

I want to thank them for always being there for me because when it comes down to it, family will ALWAYS be there. Wouldn’t know where I’d be without them❤❤

Just giving a little thanks…

I thank god for another day of living, I may not say it often but I really do mean it. With what has happened to me this past year with being diagnosed with what I have, I have managed to over come it and fight it with the support of my family and some of my friends. I haven’t really told a bunch of people just for the fact I get a little overwhelmed hearing about my condition. And although I know I will have to live with it for the rest of my life I will try to overcome the fact that I have it. I thank god for the family I have to help me along this journey and stand by me when I was at my worst, completely non-stop crying that I was going through. They would try to put a smile on my face until one day I realized there is really no need to cry about this there are over millions of people who have this and I need to get over it. Which is taking some time but I am trying everyday to just have a smile on my face and move forward with my life.

I’m 21 today and although I should be out and getting drunk somewhere unknown, I’m home lol which to me it’s fine I have a doctors appoint at like 6am and I can’t really miss it cause it’s really important I’ll have the weekend to have my fun. I’m thankful for these 21 years of life and for many more to come . I went out with my parents yesterday and had a few drinks with my old man which technically I was still illegal but whatever lol that was fun just to spend it with my parents brother and grandfather.

I really miss writing on here it’s like an escape from the drama in my life and to just let my thoughts out where I really have no one that knows me so I can just write and not care who reads this lol I will try to get back into this tumblr thing again it really helps to release some stress that I have with my life

Until next time :)

Foollooowww 😊

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I can and I will!!!

My life has changed in less then 24 hours. I feel a bit lost and don’t really know what to do. I can cry and sob about what is happening but I’m strong enough to face this battle that is coming I just hope I can handle it and I don’t break down along the way. With my family and friends help and support I feel a little stronger and will do everything in my power to get through this.


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Golf is a good walk spoiled.
i haven’t written a post in forever!!

so i’m back to the swing of things on here. have been gone for like 2 months? not too sure but trying to get back to blogging and keeping on track with my life. what’s new with me? NOTHING at all working at the same shit hole of T 

the only bright side is i’m on break well till monday cause i start on tuesday FML! i wish i was rich. oh and got a job at school idk if i posted around that time about it anyways i have an interview tomorrow for another job in school that my friend helped me get hopefully i get it and i get money HEEYYY!!!

this semester i need to get better grades cause they were horrible for the fall not to mention i failed my a&P class -____- smh.

and as for my day very lazy worked last night so was tired and slept in till 12 then got ready and left to the BOE cause i had to find some info about that the lady sent me somewhere else and they ended up not giving me the info cause i’m not the guardian smh so then went to T cause i need to buy some things but first went to the fitting room and P was there, haven’t seen her in last year lmao caught her up on ALL the drama and what not and was talking about everything and everyone. J was in the fitting room as well. she’s hilarious had me cracking up the whole time i was there. did try on some things and bought what i needed to get and then left back home

picked up my dad and then back home and took my bro to practice and then picked him up and it was time for the secret circle it was soooo good tonight wanted to die lmao

oh and didn’t mention M left to pace like a week ago wahhhh i will miss her now school will be even more boring cause i wont have her to entertain me with her dances smh and no more glbt well cause i’m over it with that club she’s gone so no need to go anymore and cause everyone that’s cool is not going to be there anymore so yea see ya club have more time now it work lol

and now i’m about to watch some movies till i fall asleep lol and hopefully i can finally keep up with this every day cause i missed blogging wah well at least just writing on here even if no one reads this i just like letting it out lmao till tomorrow!