Down with the sickness!!

Ugh! im so exhausted my feet, head and just everything hurts smh

woke up with a massive headache i think i’m getting worse NOT better smh but yea took some medication finally i was holding off on the pills cus personally i hate taking medicine i feel like if your sick you should heal naturally well unless your dieing lol but like me whenever i get sick or get a headache i just wait till it goes away, it’s just my personal choice to not take medicine i feel that my immune system would just one day get use to the medication or any medication i take and then i would have to take more and more medicine or strong onces so i’ve just slowly stopped taking it, i do take this drink well medicine if you woul like to call it, its a natural thing my mom makes she does this ginger with honey, and lemon. it’s for when you have a sore throat so i take that when my throat hurts its really good hehe i want to one day just stop taking medicine period lol yea i’m sorta weird i guess but its just that i feel what watever you get should leave as it came in, does that make any sense??? lmfao cus ok you’re basically drinking a bacteria to kill another bacteria and then if that bacteria comes back you have to take it again and the bacteria may one day get used to the medicine you give it and there for you need an even stronger medicine to kill it, so yea idk if you even understand i understand and that’s all that matters lmfaoo

but yea took medicine my mom made me -_- i was gonna hold it in my mouth till she left but i was like ok that’s a little psycho right there lmaoo so i just took it, i got some wat better i just keep sneezing so much wah i wanna get better i hate being sick wahh!!

So my day was another lazy one well the morning watched this new show well to me it’s new, it’s call misfits another show from the wonderful UK, i swear england has some amazing shows!! i give them two thumbs up since i only have two lmao but yea if the US had ORIGINAL shows like that then maybe i would watch more tv, which again i HATE the fact that the US recreated Skins like wtf smh like i don’t care if the director from skins did it if the US wanted to do skins just show the original one here don’t recreate it and completely KILL IT smh but anyways so i just watched like 2 episodes of Misfits and i’m already in love with that show, i’ll talk more about it some other times once i get more into the show since i’m only on the 2nd ep lol. 

Downloaded a bunch of music from the amazing bruno which btw dadadadayum is bruno a feisty man the way he described how he wants a women in bed if i was with him and he told me all those things in his songs i would so do it with him right there no question LMFAOO but also downloaded katy, eminem, cartel, and ummm oh T.I. also know as “tip” heard an amazing song by him i’ll put it up tomorrow it’s called castle walls, it’s soo good, ikno he’s truely sorry for wat he did but come on tip AGAIN SMH i thought you learned your lesson even tho this time it wasn’t fully his fault it was his stupid fugly wifes fault but still tisk tisk tip smh but his album is good, i recommend it!

got called into work like around 430 and at first i was gonna say no but then i was like let me show that i’m a little more responsible since i’m still new in there and go in, so i told them yea, i was still felling horrible but i really didn’t wanna be in my room so yea went to work. But first dropped off my bro at practice and then went to work.

Worked in the wave today, the wave is when you work with a group of employees and go around all the departments and fix that section together, but yea worked with this new girl well she’s not new she’s worked there for 2 years now but she just recently came back in, her names Jennifer, she’s cool we were talking, she sorta reminded me of my cousin Lourdes lmaoo it was so weird i would look at her and she would just remind me of her lol but anyways worked with her and we got done pretty quickly, but then we had to help the toy department out -___- like wtf smh but went to help them and finished at around 12 smh

i better get better by friday i cant be one more day in this bed, i hate the feeling of being lazy well i like it but to a point lol

so today my meals consisted of….

-chicken salad




i did iight lol oh and i lost 5 lbs, the 5 or more i gained over the holidays -____- lmfao but yea proud of myself i know i can do it, and i’m the type of person that if i stick to it i can loose weight like crazy and fast, i remember i did a few years back and i lost like 30 pounds but sadly i just get sooo lazy and since i love food i just gain it all back so easily smh, but this time i am sticking to it i need to i explained my reasons already but yea i did try to cut meat out of my life well excluding chicken nd turkey but yea i haven’t eaten red meat since new years, i kno a short amount of time but i will maintain it lol 

i need sleep it’s 2:25 am and my ass is still up and i’m soo tired lmao only me smh watever

-peace and <3 everyone =]