What snow storm are we on?

i believe number 5 or 6 -_____- yea this snow is becoming like a weekly thing over here and i hate it! like first oh yea snow :D yay but now it’s like WTF are you serious another one smfh go aways!!! 

It snowed all throughout the night so i was hoping school would get canceled and it did, at least BCC did something good for once lol but i had to find out at like 6 am when they called i didn’t answer cause i was dead on my bed lmfao but my mother told me. so slept in, sorta, my mom wakes me up at 9 and was like you have to go shovel and i was like great again wasn’t it enough yesterday that i did it all by myself grrrr

So got up and took a look outside OMG there was so much snow i wanted to cry cause i just pictured the amount of work that was coming smh, and yet another reason why i want to left the east coast cause of this weather. i am so not a winter person i prefer the fall, spring and summer. sometimes i wonder what if my parents would have stayed in florida i think i would have loved it down there cause it’s just perfect weather for me *sigh you can’t always get wat you want wah

cleaning and shoveled forever!!! it took like 3 hours to clean that shit and half along the way thru that my mother left us me and my brother cause she had to go to work so it was us two trying to finish it. i left my brother after a while it didn’t leave him much tho to finish i went to make breakfast but yea

and for what i ate today

-tuna salad

-hot coco

-k bar



-fish w broccoli 

what a tiring morning i had then i went went to continue watching greek i’m almost done with season 3 and then i have to finish the secret life lol 

the whole day was practically spent all day at home like a lard lol it was good tho i was tired and still am. watching jersey shore now, yea i kno i said i hate that show but the stupid shit they say and do make me laugh so i just watch it lol and ronnie is crying at the moment LMFAOO that pussy needs to leave that bitch of sammi she is such a BITCH! smh 

gonna go do homework after it’s due tuesday but i kno if i don’t start it now i will end up starting it monday night cus i sure do love to procrastinate smh

-peace <3